A downloadable game for Windows

RythmicLeaps is a rythmbased game where you have to move accordingly to the rythm of a song.

It also features a new way of navigating through the menu/UI by drawing shapes:

+ Particles, billboarding
+ Rythm-based engine & beatmaps
+ Shape recognition for menu navigation
+ Normal navigation controls (in case shape recognition does not like you)
+ Beatmaps
+ Multi-finger tracking (however, I highly recommend that, as a beginner, you start out with just one (right) finger)

Happy Leaping!

Install instructions

Run installer & play. The installer will take care of the missing libraries.

The game is running on a self-written rythm-based engine which includes my own framework. If the installation fails, please contact me as soon as possible and I'll get it fixed. :)

If, for some reason, the installer fails, you can download the executable here:

**Note that you need the DotNet(4.0) framework and the XNA Framework.


RythmicLeaps Setup.exe 120 MB